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Wild Lakes Wales

Martletwy, Pembrokeshire

A night of adventure films on the big screen in our wild clubhouse!

Make sure you select March 4 events when booking!

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4 March 2023 at 18:30:00

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Wild Lakes Wales was launched by an entrepreneurial team of adventurous siblings back in 2017 in beautiful Pembrokeshire at Martletwy. Getting the business of the ground was an adventure in itself - you can read our story at our website - but suffice to say we are now working our socks off bringing wild adventure to Wales in the form of wakeboarding, climbing and other fun (and mostly wet!) activities.

We'll be handing out popcorn, hanging out in the clubhouse, and getting into lots of films which will no doubt be in tune with our favourite sports and activities.

Martletwy, Pembrokeshire

Wild Lakes Wales (Formerly Pembrokeshire Wake Park), Cott Lane, Martletwy, Narberth, UK

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