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Host Checklist

We have put together a handy checklist which will help you make the most of your community event and perhaps spark some ideas from the experiences and suggestion of others.

Date & Venue

What is the best community event date for me

Is the venue the right size for me?

Does it have a Premises Licence including for film? (applies if you are making a profit or fundraising)

Will people at the back be able to see?

Does it have a reliable min 10Mbps
Internet connection? or will I need to download films in advance?

Can I do a test?

Does the venue have Public Liability insurance?

How many events could I hold here?

Marketing & Tickets

Add your event to LMFF using your Event Page ASAP

Start to create awareness - socials, email, etc

Create a Facebook Event?

Add your ticket link to your LMFF listing

Use LMFF Logos and stock images

Use film images and posters as they become avilable form Jan 1st

Contact local press and newsletters

Film Selection

Films are gradually added to your Event Page from Jan 1st for you to preview and select from

Check your favourites and they will appear in your Screening Gallery at the bottom of your Event Page - you can always change this

SAVE CHANGES to make films appear on your LMFF Listing

Add to the programme and change the programme order as you get closer to the event

Use our curated film selections for inspiration!

The Big Day - At the Event

Stream your films one at a time from the Screening Gallery on your Event Page

Consider extra fundraising - raffle?

Invite your own adventurous local hero to make an appearance?

Keep a spare film or two up your sleeve in case people don’t want to go home? That happens!

Share the fun on social media, tag us and #LMFF


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