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Helpful Info for Community Hosts

Save these logos for your posters, social media or email marketing


Films will be added up to the event.
We expect approx 120 in total.

2024 Trailer to come in Jan
Download our Trailer

Download our Trailer

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Don't forget to tag us on your social posts AND TAG: Filmmakers, Protagonists/actors and Film Sponsors.

Sometimes the film itself will have an Instagram account.

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The Legals

THE FILMS - you're covered under our filmmaker submission agreement which includes permission to share these films at our community events.

PREMISES LICENCE - if you will make a profit (even if this is to go to charity) check your venue has a premises licence for activities including showing films. More guidance is available HERE.

INSURANCE - Venues should have Public Liability insurance but it is worth checking you are covered by it.


Thank you for purchasing a COMMUNITY PASS so that you can bring a selection of our films to your community during the 2024 LMFF.


We need to be absolutely clear that whilst we will support your event as much as we can, it is entirely YOUR EVENT, and our responsibility on the day is purely to make sure the films you have selected are streaming efficiently.

Your pass includes access to our platform throughout the event dates so you will be able to enjoy the festival as a standard visitor in addition to your hosting. 

If you have any questions at any time please get in touch and we will give as much support as possible, but be aware as the event is approaching or underway we may take longer to respond than if you have prepared early. 

You can hold more than one event if you like at no extra cost so long as it is within the event dates and at the same venue. It might be worth thinking about hosting your event early on, because if it is successful you could do a quick repeat.


However you do it, have a great time and make sure you tag us on socials and tell us what your group's favourite films are on the night!

List your event ASAP!

The sooner you list your event on our site the better. All you need is a date and venue. You can add ticket links and films later. Get yourself noticed as early as possible and help us build momentum for more great film nights All Around The World!


You can host your event on any date between 23rd February and 10th March 2024, but...

If you choose to host your event on the first weekend - Fri 23rd - Sun 25th February you will be ahead of general public access - the Householder Pass only starts on Mon 26th.

This means that your audience won't have had a chance to see your selection yet, and it means your event can have a 'Premiere' vibe.

TIPS for filling out your event form
  1. Event Name - Keep it punchy

  2. Venue and Location - Keep it to two terms if poss, like, "Pete's Wall, Liverpool".. name a country if you think it's needed

  3. Image - this can be a poster you have created for the event, a picture of you or your organisation, a film still or a logo - it doesn't really matter what you use but you need something to draw attention.

  4. Short Text - this is a headline description - describe what you are planning to do in one short sentence

  5. Longer text - you may want to say more about the cause you are hosting for, or any extra activities you may have lined up for the night

  6. Tickets URL - you need to copy and paste the full link

  7. Films - these can wait until you are ready, or you can add some then add more later - the order you show the films can wait until the day of the event - this is just a way to help make finding and screening them easier.

  8. Apologies the films are not searchable by type - this is something we will include next year. The short description will include the most relevant terms and will save you time.

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