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Film review: Hydrotherapy

Updated: May 9

Hydrotherapy (released on Vimeo today) is a beautiful short film that captures Laura Owen Sanderson winter swimming in Snowdonia to ease the symptoms of Fibromyalgia – a long-term condition that causes pain throughout the body.

Hydrotherapy succeeds in allowing you into this world – where the cold, nature and water connect with such force that the feeling is quite overwhelming and we are left almost numb and with a real sense of why coldwater swimming outdoors is the perfect remedy for Laura.

Laura sums it up: “Swimming when surrounded by snow capped mountains makes you feel like part of the landscape. Once you have a frog's eye view the wildlife continues with its daily business and you become part of the natural environment, not a spectator.”

Swimming-caps off to Friction Collective who have once again demonstrated their ability to connect very human issues with very natural environments with such poignancy. Question: How long do you make someone swim in freezing temperatures to make a six minute film? Answer: Five days...

You can see the film by clicking the photo – we recommend you watch with a flask of hot coffee!

And here’s a few of the lovely swim spots featured in the film for you to try out!

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