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I'd Rather Be Curating my own Film Night!

Updated: Jun 7

Says Tim Bowman, whose business I'd Rather be Outdoors is one of the early adopters of our new initiative which empowers YOU to host your own mini-fest chosen from our 2023 film selection and raise money for a good cause! Tim's partner Joanna is providing the venue (indoors!) - a Women's Fitness Studio in Stockport...

Tim and Joanna are raising funds for Kinder Mountain Rescue - interview below.

A group walking in the Peak District led by I'd Rather Be Outdoors
Out and about in the Peak District with I'd Rather be Outdoors

Q: What made you go for the LMFF Community Pass?

We are still bouncing back from Covid, and since we found ourselves watching so much adventure online during that time, we thought it would be an appropriate moment to remind the people of Stockport what we have on offer here. I'm also a supporter of Kinder Mountain Rescue though I'm pleased to say I've never had to call them out! People often associate Mountain Rescue with the higher national parks of Wales, the Lakes or Scotland, but here in the Peak, Kinder MRT has already given nearly 2000 hours to help people to safety this year. Their work is really important, but they need public support to do it.

Q: What sort of films do you plan to screen?

Hiking and running films will go down well with my customers who I work with on my Nordic Walking classes. I also run Canicross classes for people who want to run safely with their dogs so any films with canines - and of course LMFF always seems to have a good selection of films about women in the outdoors which is perfect for Joanna's personal training clients. We aim to have a fun night and make it a bit outdoorsy in the studio - blankets, camping chairs and maybe even a sleeping bag or two..

a woman boxer trains at The Studio near Stockport

Q: What is the background to I'd Rather be Outdoors?

I used to work in a factory as a welder so "I'd Rather be Outdoors" was something I would often say to myself towards the end of a long day! In my spare time I was a Scout Leader for 27 years and active in the outdoors. When the chance came to set up the business I wanted to appeal to people with a similar outlook on life - people who want to get out and about but may need a fitness structure and some company to help them gain the confidence to do so.

I launched the business in 2015, just a year after Joanna had opened her fitness studio. Between us we can offer a good range of fitness services and we are adding to these all the time. As well as the Nordic Walking and Canicross qualifications, Exercise Referral, I'm currently training to be a Pilates teacher when I'm not curating my own film night...

Q: What does the area around Stockport offer your adventurous customers?

Loads! The Peak District National Park is of course on our doorstep, and its highest point Kinder Scout isn't far at all. Kinder is famously the site of the 1932 Mass Trespass - when ramblers from nearby cities (including Stockport!) peacefully protested on what was then private land. The Mass Trespass was a key event in the campaign for open access to moorland in Britain which eventually led to the formation of our National Parks - the Peak District was the very first in 1951. So there is a proud heritage in the Stockport area for walking, especially on windy moorland!

Check out I'd Rather be Outdoors and The Studio for more information and training courses.

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