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Community Events

2023 was our first year for COMMUNITY EVENTS and they were a great success, raising money for adventure projects and charities as far away as Nairobi.


The idea for the Community Pass came from two events. Firstly, our festival was blown up by Covid and we had no way to meet in-person. Then, the following year when things were still dodgy one of our filmmakers got in touch to ask if they could host their own event by streaming our films - in Kentucky!

LIGHT BULB MOMENT! - why not make that possible for everyone?


If you are a club, group or community with an interest in adventure and the outdoors, then you have your own ready-made audience, and you can probably attract a few new people too. All you need is a room with some equipment and a stable internet connection. You can stream any film, anytime during the festival, but you can start choosing your films EARLY on our Film Sharer.


For a start, at £50 you can do a lot more than you can with a Standard £20 Pass, and you can get ahead of the event. Most hosts are planning to use it as an opportunity to raise funds - either for a charity, or their own community project. Community Hosts generate these funds but they also bring their community together for a fun film night AND to be part of something bigger!


Thanks for subscribing!

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